Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Value of Listening at ISTE 2010

So it's almost here. If you're living under a rock and haven't heard, one of the biggest and best is once again happening in Denver. I missed out last year but was fortunate to go to San Antonio two years ago. ISTE is my technology refresher since I am unable attend the Apple Summer Institute

The conference has continually opened doors for me in terms of collaborating with others and completely taking my perspective on approaches to education and turning them upside down. That's why I love going to ISTE.

So many people have blogged about the sessions and what they have taken away. Others have said that it was the un-sessions, the informal gatherings that make ISTE great. Honestly, I'm with the latter group.

If you're heading to ISTE this weekend, consider this. It's not about your title. It's not about your achievements and awards. It's not about where you teach or what you teach. ISTE 2010 for me is going to be about listening. Those informal discussions that will occur while waiting in line to go into a session. It's the tweet up that happens randomly that will spark something in your mind. Go to socials that people are talking about and introduce yourself to as many people as you can. Lean in and truly hear what other have to say. Reflect each day in whatever way you can.

Value these interactions. Don't be afraid to miss that sessions you think you just can't miss. Conversations over a pint or water could be just as fruitful as those who attend a facilitated session. Get to Denver early and go to Edublogger Con!

If you're heading out to ISTE and you see a big guy with an Apple tattoo on his leg and portrait tats on his other, it's not a nerdy biker, it's me- a nerdy teacher who'd be happy to have a conversation with you! Tweet up?


  1. Right on!!! Glad I am travelling with you. Hope we have a lot of good informal discussions with others and make connections with lots of fellow educators.

  2. I wish I was heading down with you two! It would be a fun trip. Enjoy every minute.