Monday, March 23, 2009

Could you take a break from technology?

I had posted on Facebook and Twitter that I was going to take 48 hours off from technology (that related to teaching and learning, that is). Now, 2 days later, I'm catching up on reading all of your blog posts, links and tweets! 

Admittedly I am addicted to technology. But what I think I'm really addicted to is the connectedness to other like minded people that technology has afforded me. However not checking email or my Google Reader or Twitter or adding to my Delicious account or Facebook.... was enjoyable for the weekend. My wife certainly like the idea. She even tempted me a few times by checking her blog roll with my iPod Touch that I had handed over to her! Now, thanks to advice from Terry Kaminksi and my wife, I'm putting the laptop and iPod touch away by 9pm to give my brain a break. 

This year has been a blur with new connections and learning for me and my students. I must say it was nice to take a break for a short amount of time (even though it was a weekend during our Spring Break). It's no wonder why many hotels are now offering technology packages where they take your Blackberry and laptop away for a period of time. I recommend that every teacher who uses technology as much as I do take some time off to refocus and then come back with a fresh perspective on teaching and learning.

Could you take a tech time out? Let me know if you are considering it or have done it!

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