Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Power of Twitter in Education

A quick anecdote about how Twitter is the best communication tool for sharing ideas among those in education. 

At 9:47 I retweeted something from the Alberta Teachers' Association about Bill 44. Don't get me started on this issue, but let's just say the government is not going about this in the correct way. I applaud the members at our Annual Representative Assembly of the ATA for condemning this proposed bill. 

Jonathan Teghtmeyer, the Executive Assistant to Government in the ATA was then kind enough to retweet my recent post about movies in the classroom a few minutes later. The ATA is very progressive in adopting web 2.0 technology as a communication tool for their members. It is something that individual locals could look at as well to share local news, retweet ATA news and post links of interest for local members.

By 10:10, or 23 minutes later I had 4 more followers and an email message from a teacher in Edmonton Catholic who is at ARA this weekend. He was asking about a rubric I used for movie making which I shared with him. Aaron Ball is a grade 6 teacher who uses his class blog and web tools to infuse technology into his teaching each day. Those are some lucky grade 6 students! Drop by his blog or follow him on Twitter: @TomalakChop . I'll be picking his brain in the future about his work with video games as instructional tools. 

Keep up the great work @albertateachers and Aaron (@TomalakChop). I think we've just scratched the surface of the many possibilities where Twitter can be used to further education. 

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  1. Twitter is an exciting tool that allows educators to collaborate, communicate and share professional experiences.