Sunday, December 5, 2010

PLN to the Rescue Again

Last weekend I was staying at my parents house for the weekend with my family. As many nerdy father son duos do, the conversation got to web tools. My dad shared how he was going to get a guest speaker to Skype into his 4th year petroleum engineering course at the U of A. His issue what getting the speaker's powerpoint (booo) deck to display at the same time as the video of his guest.

I suggested that he try Elluminate. He hadn't heard of it so I went to 'The Twitter" and asked for help from my PLN.

Within 3 minutes I had 2 responses from Jen Clevette and Alec Couros. So far I don't have a lot of experience in Elluminate, only a few sessions under my belt, and none as a moderator. Jen and Alec toured my father around all the features and let my dad upload his slide deck to try out. Inside 10 minutes my dad was sold on the tool! He's now excited to cancel his classes during the day when he's away on business and offer his class through Elluminate in the evening and teach from anywhere he is in the world.

Thanks so much to Alec Couros and Jen Clevette for your help in converting my dad. If only he'd be interested in recording the session for later use by students, but one thing at a time I guess!

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