Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Early Bird Gets the Laser Radar?

Great fall morning here in Cold Lake! I'm up WAY earlier than normal and off to school to check out the project of 2 students in my Technology and Design course (temporary name until something better comes to mind).

The premise of the class is for students to get big idea challenges/questions and have them use the design process to attack them. They will then use the digital tools provided to help make their ideas become a reality through rapid prototyping.

The current question students have been asked to tackle is "How might we create a better CLHS experience?" Two of my students have been focusing on the fact that we don't have a safe drop off zone for parents to eject their children in the morning. They thought that we should look at designating an area and then make signs in my class with the vinyl cutter and laser cutter- great idea!

They've been interviewing our administration, are going to talk to the City of Cold Lake, have written letters to the mayor and council, and are even enlisting the help of the MD of Bonnyville School Resource Officers this morning. One issue they identified is that there are no posted speed signs in the entrance area and parking area at our school (which is connected to our recreation complex and community college. This is of course, why I'm up so early.

Today they are going to set up radar with Officer Prockiw and Officer Tomaino to find out if speed of vehicles in the parking lot really is an issue and then will determine if they need to ask city council to post speed limits. Very cool. I'm enjoying this process because students are super engaged, and it doesn't bother me that I don't really know where their final projects will end up!

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