Thursday, December 10, 2009

Local Connections

Just wanted to share an exciting project that has basically fallen into my lap(top). Last year in conjunction with our local museum curator we discussed the possibility of getting a local community foundation grant from an oil company here in Cold Lake. Well, now we have been approved for all of the $5,000 requested!

Here's the big question: how can we create a meaningful and memorable learning experience for my grade 9 media arts students? That is, we'll be working to have students look beyond the physical walls of the museum and connect to our community.

First ideas look like this:

1. Create a connection between students and a part of the the exhibit that they would like to showcase.

2. Create a connection with local experts in the oil and gas field, the First Nations Communities and Air Force Community.

3. Have students create original content for their showcase in the form of a podcast, vodcast or other multimedia product.

4. Leave the museum better than we found it. Ideally we will be buying several iPod touches that will be available for patrons to sign out while at the museum to listen and watch our student showcases. The curator will be buying an iMac to load new content.

5. Create a sense of pride and accomplishment in our students who know that their work will be a permanent part of the museum.

Overall the project will take several months and will involve many classes. I've chosen to start with my grade 9 media arts class.

This is where all of you come into play. I need some help! Over the next 3 weeks (timeline is tight for the first round) we will be visiting the museum many times. Students will be using their laptops from our 1:1 project as a tool for gathering information. Video cameras, digital cameras and other technology will be flying around! (not literally)

Please keep in mind that help comes in many forms: A conversation with an expert dealing with assessment in education and a passion for history like my colleague Neil Stephenson. A quick tweet with an idea. An email outlining something similar you might have done. A link to another project that had success.

What do you think of the idea? What would be your approach to this project to ensure student accountability, engagement and success?


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  1. This project is truly allowing your students to use technology in a meaningful way. I wish we had more of these types of projects to work on. Our students are goingto be better for it.