Friday, January 8, 2010

Audio Editing Gem

Lately I haven't been blogging about specific tools that I have been using in my classroom. Heck, I haven't been blogging about anything lately for that matter.

However this audio editing and creating gem is one that needs to be shared. It is a tool that I will be encouraging all students in multimedia classes or those who are participating in our school's 1:1 program.

The diamond in the rough of many attempts out there is called Myna. You've heard of the gigantic suite of programs under the Aviary banner? Well now they have an amazing web based tool that can be used by all! The tracks are in the thousands with very appealing loops that my students absolutely love. With a free Aviary account students can create their music, download it as an mp3 or .wav file which can be used in any of their films. You can also import your own media such as movies, images and record directly into Myna with a microphone plugged into your computer. This means podcasts and scoring movies will also be possible with Myna! Students will love the fact that they can edit at school on my iMac in the MM lab and go home to continue their work on the other computers (that shall remain nameless).
Files and projects can be embedded with HTML codes that Myna supplies.Advanced audio editing tools within Myna make is simple to do fades, pitch adjustments and increase or decrease gains.

Does this mean goodbye to Garageband? The answer is NO. Garageband is still the go to audio editor and creation tool in the classroom for me. Myna is a close second. The reason I say this is because Myna gives you so much for free, but requires a $25 contribution for the year to go PRO. This will remove the "Made with Myna" watermark, gives you more control to who can see your files and allows higher quality previews of your work.

Take 5 minutes to sign up for your free Aviary account, then hop onto Myna. Here's a link to a HIP HOP track I created this morning! Enjoy!

UPDATE: If the embedded player doesn't work just click on the file jkjh.egg to open the track in Aviary!

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  1. Definitely going to have to check this out! I'll be passing it along to my music teacher friends who I'm sure will run with the concept! Thanks for sharing :)