Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Songs for Tsunami

On Thursday, March 31, Cold Lake High School will be hosting the second instalment of Songs for Tsunami. This is a fundraiser for relief in Japan. Teachers are being sponsored by students to sing songs Karaoke style! After the first lunch hour over $480 was raised.

RTV has been covering the fundraiser. A student recently interviewed Mr. Darrell McDonald about how he came to organize this great event. Rhiannon was very nervous but did a great job doing her first LIVE interview! Darrell's wife Miyuki is from Japan, and Darrell spent many years there. They have 1 daughter together, Julia who is very impressed with the singing!

Tomorrow we will stream the entire lunch hour of karaoke live on Ustream. We hope to have as many people watching as possible across North America as well as in Japan. Miyuki will blog about the streaming on her blog and will invite her friends and family to watch us.

You can watch the fun for a great cause on our Ustream channel starting tomorrow at 11:50am. RTV students will be running cameras and our switcher to do a 3 camera broadcast complete with graphics and song titles.

Please join us!

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